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Belo platno - Udade se Zivka Sirinicka


Udade se, jagodo, udade se, draga duso, udade se Zivka Sirinicka, udade se Zivka Sirinicka. Udade se, jagodo, udade se, draga duso, udade se za Djordja Djakovca, udade se za Djordja Djakovca. Kad to cuo, jagodo, kad to cuo, draga duso, kad to cuo Mika Prizrenlija, kad to cuo Mika Prizrenlija. Dzipnu Mika, jagodo, dzipnu Mika, draga duso, dzipnu Mika, kaj da se pomami, dzipnu Mika, kaj da se pomami. Pa otide, jagodo, pa otide, draga duso, pa otide pred Zivkina vrata, pa otide pred Zivkina vrata: "Zasto, Zivke, jagodo, zasto, Zivke, draga duso, zasto, Zivke, ti mene prevari, zasto, Zivke, ti mene prevari?" "Nesam, Miko, jagodo, nesam, Miko, draga duso, nesam, Miko, ja tebe varala, nesam, Miko, ja tebe varala. Mene dali, jagodo, mene dali, draga duso, mene dali, nesu me pitali, mene dali, nesu me pitali." The Marriage of Živka Sirinić (Female children used to be married off very young in the past. In the past, female children were married very young. Parents tried to provide a better life for them by marrying them into known families, on time, as early as possible. The most danger threatened from Moslem neighbors (Albanians and Turks) who frequently kidnapped Christian girls, and even young married women. This song tells of the great love between Živka and Mika, who promised themselves to each other. Suddenly, Živka is marrying another. Mika, upset, seeks an answer, and she replies sadly: They gave me away, they didnt ask me!)

КУД " Симонида" Ранилуг
Браво за песму! Велики поздрав са Косова
субота, 09 јун 2012 01:02
divna pesma, divan glas, divan spot!!!!!!! :)
понедељак, 30 април 2012 12:51